Lavender Bud, $50


Show your support for Lavender Festival by become a “Lavender Bud.” 

You will receive a small Lavender Bud pin which we hope you will wear before and during the festival to show your support! You will be listed in the program, on our poster, and on the website. 



Thank you, Lavender Buds: 

S&R Insurance | Alexander Guest House |Betsy Prine |Sabrina Minor Gregg 

Judy Spillman |Carolyn Todd |Jean Meersman |Bobbie Freeman

Anderson County Commissioner Theresa Scott |A friend from Norris

Harriet McCurdy |Laura Miller |Jackson Square Animal Clinic

Mary McAllister |Tom Beehan & Kay Brookshire |Fred & Sandra Berry

Laura McLean |Rebecca Williams |Sylvia Ferrell |Barbara Rebecca Byrd

Liz Byrd Welch |Dr. Bill Roberts |Lynn B. Ross & Michael McCutcheon

Bob & Carol Smallridge |Sharon Enright |Anne & Tony Jordan

Karen’s Jewelers |Rebecca Crowe |Martha & Mark Logan |Miriam Wankerl

Jayne and Cam Hubbard |Becky and Syd Ball |Susie Stooksbury |Joan Kearney

Judy Kidd |Spine & Sport Physical Therapy | Irene Robbins | Jennifer Dawson

Joyce, Meredith, Flitcroft & Norman | High Noon Boo Club | Diane’s Coiffures

Linda Felton | Downtown Hardware | Robert W. Wilkinson | Robert A. McNees III

Frances Drake | Nadine Valentino | Shela Gregory | Debbie Cutler 

Oak Ridge Heritage & Preservation Association | Margaret Allard | Patti Clark 

Marlene Myers | Junk Angel Thrift and Vintage | Mike Stallo

Pinnacle Financial Partners | Theta Technologies, Inc.


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